SpeciFit was started in December of 2018 by Alex Rayburn.  Alex has been in the fitness industry for over eleven years and has spent that time helping others feel better.  With only offering in-person training to his clients, it made it really difficult to reach more people, which is what sparked SpeciFit.  


SpeciFIt started out offering classes to residential buildings, virtual and in-person personal training and wellness seminars.  Over the past year, Alex has developed a three month program for people that work from home.  This program combines the style of personal training you’d get with Alex, in person, plus so much more.  We are very proud of this program as we know it will help a lot of people feel better, feel stronger and cultivate a healthier work-life balance.  


Our focus is and always will be to help others, whether that is in person or virtually.  With the new monthly program we are going to help more people than Alex ever thought possible.  If you’re reading this, you are likely a client, friend, acquaintance or potential new client.  We thank you for your support and we hope we’ve done you a great service with our offerings. 


Thank You,

The SpeciFit Team