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Snack Options to Fuel Your Day

Aside from the meal prep boredom that we addressed in our last post, one of the other most common complaints that we get from clients is having to change up their snacks. We often get stuck in this rut when we are asked to change something, thinking that there are few options outside of the ones we already know. And of course this is the case! If you knew about the other options, surely you’d already be choosing them… right?

Let’s consider what people often eat in their day to day snacks. Perhaps your midday snack usually comes from a vending machine: packaged cookies, crackers, chips, or candy. Or perhaps you are lucky enough to work in an office that supplies snacks in the kitchen: trail mix, pub mix, dried fruits, or pretzel rods. Maybe you have coworkers that love to bake: homemade cookies, coffee cake, muffins, and breads. Even if you are bringing snacks from home, they likely come from a small plastic package.

These snacks can be anywhere on a spectrum from somewhat healthy- less healthy- downright bad. What they all have in common is: they are extremely processed and cheaply made. And we get it- these options are convenient and maybe even free. They are shelf stable so you can keep them at your desk at work and not worry about them spoiling. However, we want to let you in on a little secret: you don’t have to consume food just because it’s free. Especially if you are financially capable of providing food for yourself. It’s a great PERK, but deciding that you have to eat pretzel rods for a midday snack just because they are what is free is a cop out, and we’re over it.


Before we get into the fun (and edible) part of this post, there is always a point to our tough love and we want to make sure you understand it. The goal of eating nutritious snacks is to keep you feeling great all day long. If those pretzel rods are making you bloated, sleepy, or hungry for more every single day, why wouldn’t you want to change that? Often times we see good nutrition as a means to lose weight, and this can certainly be the case, but good food will also make you healthy from the inside out. If your body is at peak function because it’s fueled properly, you will see a host of benefits: improved brain function, improved and stable energy, improved mood, less cravings, better health markers, better hair and skin health… do we need to keep going? We can.

We’ll save you because we know you’re here for the goods! Below we have listed some of our favorite snacks in different categories: 100% whole foods (best), things made from whole foods (middle), and others (processed but still good choices). We have linked the branded items for your convenience (no affiliate links, just genuine love of the products).


Whole Foods: raw fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds, eggs, coconut flakes

Middle: RX Bars, Lara bars, hummus, guacamole, That’s It bars, trail mix, nut butter, homemade energy bites

Others: Epic Bars, Chomps sticks, MunkPack cookies, Quest Bars, Clif Bar, Perfect Bar, P3 snacks, protein powder, yogurt

Remember, as with anything, different snacks will work differently for everyone. If you are used to eating a package of Famous Amos every day, maybe start with the MunkPack cookies to provide you the same great cookie flavor but with better nutrients to fuel the rest of your day. If you are struggling to incorporate veggies in your other meals of the day, snacking on veggies and hummus is a great way to add another serving. Not a fan of raw veg? Get a protein powder with greens in it. See a pattern here? You have a question, we have an answer! You know the next step- reach out to us for one on one help here and take control of your health!

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