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Your "Diet Boredom" Is BS

This month on our blog series, we are going to address an issue we see time and time again. How often do you “start eating healthy” but very soon after get bored of the foods you are eating? So frequently when we get clients to begin meal prepping and preparing for the week, 3 days in we get a message saying “I’m sick of chicken and broccoli.” There’s a good chance that you are nodding in agreement here, or smirking, because last time you “dieted” you felt the same way. There are a few things we want to unpack about this, and never fear: the next two posts this month will help you solve this problem. But first a little tough love on the subject.

  1. Going into a new lifestyle of healthy habits considering your new food choices as “diet food” in your head will absolutely never last. When you go from eating a McDouble daily to cooking for yourself, your taste buds will need to adjust. But this isn’t diet food and it absolutely shouldn’t taste like it is. This is nourishment that fuels every single thing you do. You are in control here, and healthy food options are endless.

  2. Let’s say pre-healthy lifestyle changes you were snacking on packaged cookies from the vending machine every day. When you started working with us we asked you to change this habit and instead snack on an RX Bar, or some other healthy bar. Suddenly, on Thursday, you message us saying “I’m so sick of RX Bars! I can’t eat the same thing every day!” Okay. For starters, you can, because you were prior to this. We realize that RX Bars are not cookies and may not be as sweet or satisfying as your regular cookies once were. But we have recommended this to help you get to your goal, and if the cookies were helping you get to that goal, you’d already be there.

  3. There are SO MANY healthy choices on the market now. You have endless flavors, brands, and combinations to choose from. Sick of baked chicken and steamed broccoli? Try making crockpot chicken and roasted broccoli. Mix up the seasonings. Buy or make a healthy sauce to put on top. Change out the chicken for tuna. Change out the broccoli for zucchini. Add rice. Add quinoa. Add sweet potatoes. Sick of RX Bars? Try CLIF, ThinkThin, ProBar, Luna, Lara, JiMMY, or make your OWN with your favorite flavors! There is no reason to eat the same exact thing every single day.

In the next two posts, we will provide a meal prep lunch or dinner recipe that has endless interchangeable options and enough snack choices to get you through 2021. We are doing this as a resource for our clients and readers, but also to help you see that “diet boredom” is a completely BS mental barrier. If you are not currently progressing toward your goals, something you are doing is not working. SOMETHING must change. That change might be hard, and it might require skipping out on something you think you love in favor of feeling and looking your best.

If these changes are a no-go, you may need to re-evaluate your goals and help them align with your values. See our “Three Step Process” post for more on that.

See you back here next week for the ultimate, EASIEST lunch or dinner meal prep guide!

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