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Fitness Boxing at Home

Fitness Boxing at Home


Spice up your at-home workouts with some fitness boxing. In this twelve page e-book you will find:


•Fun, instructional videos on how to throw a jab, cross, lead hook, rear hook, lead uppercut and rear uppercut

•Videos showing you how to string together the punches into beginner and intermediate combinations

•A bonus defensive techniques video

•A bonus core workout video

•A body weight workout with accompanying videos on how to do each exercise

•A body weight workout that incorporates fitness boxing


All this content and instruction from SpeciFit and fitness boxing expert, Matt Hegele.  

  • Disclaimer

    This e-book will not prepare you for an actual fight.  This e-book is intended to help you add in boxing to your at-home workouts to introduce a new form of cardiovascular fitness. 

    Before you get started, make sure you have clearance from your doctor to participate in physical activity.  

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