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Improve Your Posture in Just Minutes a Day!

Improve Your Posture in Just Minutes a Day!


Our new working climate and busy lifestyles have left us inactive and nonfunctional.  Between sitting at our desk for longer hours, staring at our phones and watching television we are developing terrible posture.  This book isn't here to shame you or tell you to exercise.  This book is here to show you how to correct your imbalances due to todays working and living climate.  The imbalances we are talking about are a forward head posture and upper crossed syndrome.  


Follow along with this book and correct these imbalances in minutes a day.  We use the corrective exercise continuum from the National Acadamy of Sports Medicine (NASM) to give you the formula you need to fix your posture.  This book is short and very digestable.  We know it will help you and we are so excited to bring it to you and turn a complicated formula into something simple to follow.  

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