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Services Descriptions

Read all about our services and what they include 

Two Month Program

The SpeciFit Program was created to allow you to exercise anywhere.  You can do it at home, while traveling or in a gym.  No equipment necessary.  The program will help you increase mobility, improve posture and build bodyweight strength.


Who Its For

If you work from home, aren't going back to a gym, travel a lot for work or who are looking for accountability then this two month program is right for you.

What it Includes

  • 32 Workouts  (16 each month)

  •  Mid-Month Check-In Call

  • 24/7 Support From a Certified Personal Trainer

  • Challenge Exercises to Show Progress

Custom Plan and Coaching 

What goals do you have?  Do you want to gain more muscle mass?  Need accountability ?  Increase mobility and flexibility?  Whatever the goal, our custom plan and coaching will help you achieve it.  Once we have a goal and understand our clients needs, we design a specific monthly plan for them and coach them every step of the way.  

Who it's for

Anyone who has completed the SpeciFit Program, needs accountability and coaching or who want to test out if personal training is right for them


What it Includes:

  • Specific Monthly Program

  • 12 workouts (3 per week)

  • Thirty Minute Session/Check-In Call per month

  • Weekly Coaching Check-Ins on Chat Feature

Personal Training

Two Month Program
Custom Plan and Coaching
Personal Training

During every one-on-one personal training session the client can expect a top notch service. We listen to our clients and every session is programmed with these three factors in mind:

1) Your space - We work with our clients anywhere, that can mean outside, inside their homes and inside their condo/apartment gyms.

2) Your goals - Everyone shouldn't have the same cookie cutter workout. All of our clients workouts look different because we base it on their movement assessment and goals.

3) Recovery- It's no secret that some workouts feel great and some don't. We will ask you about sleep, hydration and stress levels. We promise we will push you on the days you can handle it and on your sluggish days we will work on more recovery techniques throughout the session.

We offer 30 and 60 minute in person sessions and 45 minute virtual personal training sessions.

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