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The Program

“SpeciFit's monthly program is great!! I've been doing it for awhile now! It keeps me accountable on sticking to my workout goals and introduces me to great new exercises!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!” 

-Chris B.

“I think the program was great overall. It was especially good for a beginner or someone who is getting back into exercising.” 

-Kathleen S.

“I thought the program was great and got me moving my body again. The exercises were also perfect for getting the foundations down before moving on to more complex movements. .” 

-Luisa C.

"I loved the program, especially how gradual it is and how it builds up your mobility and muscle strength so you can perform harder and more challenging exercises later on in the next phases. It was my first time using true coach and once I got used to it I really liked how easy it is to follow the exercises and perform them correctly especially when you are performing new movements or exercises."

-Jorge U.

Personal Training 

“Over time I’ve had some shoulder and back injuries and Alex has provided me with strategies that have allowed me to overcome limitations from those injuries.  Alex is the real deal!” 

-Tom P.

"After years of physical therapy and chiropractic treatment, I finally stopped needing to see both once I began training with Ari. Just after two months, the pain in my upper back had disappeared completely, and my posture had corrected itself thanks to Ari's holistic approach to fitness. He assesses my needs during and after every session and helps make sure I stay on track over the course of the week. I recommend Ari to anyone who's interested in virtual or in-person training — he's attentive and committed to your health every step of the way." 

-Mary K.

“Within six months after meeting Alex, I was able to go from over 30% body fat down to 17%.  Alex has a truly special innate capability of knowing exactly how much to push me during our sessions.  And he is meticulous with technique, ensuring I am always using proper form” 

-Heather B.

"Because of SpeciFit's constant support, I've been able to activate my wellness journey. I'm eating healthier, working out regularly and prioritizing self-care over an extra hour or two at the office. They've helped me restore a sense of work-life balance, it is because of their encompassing model that I feel mentally and physically healthier."

-Tori R.

“Alex's wellness tips and prescribed workouts outside of our sessions have really helped contribute to that success. And his genuine care about my progress makes this feel like a team effort which really motivates me more to keep up with my progress. I would 100% recommend SpeciFit to my friends, family, and coworkers.”

-Andrew P.

“Ari has been my strength trainer for several years. Since the beginning, his holistic approach to health and fitness has changed how I view my workouts. I now look forward to training and it’s become the most fun part of my day. Getting the confidence to set goals and tackle challenges is a journey made easier when you have an experienced professional to assist along the way. With Ari, I’m getting the best in the business.”

-Isaac M.

“SpeciFit has taken my goals seriously and has helped me increase my muscle strength and solve my balance issues. They push me just enough and are extremely encouraging” 

-Penny J.

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